What is Motime?
Motime is a subscription-based mobile entertainment service where you can get mobile content to spice up your cell phone like ringtones and wallpapers!
Do the items I download expire?
No, they don't expire. Once you download something, it's yours to keep forever. However, if you change phones, you will have to re-download any mobile content.
I do not live in the U.S, can I sign up for Motime.com?
Sorry, Motime.com is only available for US subscribers.
How do I set one of my downloads as the ringtone on my phone?
Once your download is complete, click "save" and go to the "settings" menu of your mobile phone. Look for the "Sound Settings" menu. Then, just locate the ringtone you want and assign it as your default ringtone. Every phone is different, if you're having trouble please consult your phone's manual for instructions.
How do I set my new wallpaper as my background?
Once the download is complete you canview the wallpaper and then click Save. Once the wallpaper is saved, go to the settings; menu of your mobile device and proceed to My Pictures and select options. There, you will be given the choice of setting the image as the wallpaper on your mobile device. Please keep in mind, all phones are different, if you are having trouble you may need to consult your phone's manual for instructions
Why haven't I received my ringtone or wallpaper yet?
If you have ordered a ringtone or wallpaper, but have not received it within two hours, please read these troubleshooting tips: 1) Does your phone have text messaging enabled? If you're not certain, please contact your wireless service provider to find out. 2) Is your phone's internet connection enabled? If you're not certain, please contact your wireless service provider to find out. 3) Is your phone getting reception? We know, it sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget to check this. 4) Depending on the make of your phone, you may need to set the WAP Push setting to "On," "Allow all," "Always," or "Receive all." Please consult your phone's manual if you are having trouble finding your settings as each phone is different. 5) Finally, please make sure you have sufficient data on your plan to make the download.
I can't find the message with the link to my content. Where is it?
Depending on your carrier and phone model, you may have more than one message inbox. And, some phone models have different names for these inboxes. You may have to look in your "Net Messages", "Service Inbox", "Browser Message Inbox", or "Push Inbox" in addition to your regular "Messages" inbox. If you are still having trouble, please consult your phone's manual to find the appropriate folder. iPhone users: iPhone users receive their downloads via email. To select content, go to m.motime.com on your phone. After clicking to download, you will be prompted to enter an email address. Then, the download will be sent to you via email. If you do not receive your download, check your spam folder. The content e-mails come from noreply@motime.com The subject of the email is the name of the content.
Help! I can't find the content I've downloaded.
Some phones require you to save the content after downloading wallpapers and ringtones. Please check all of the media folders on your phone. If you are still having trouble, please consult your phone's manual.
I upgraded my phone. How can I transfer my old downloads to my new phone?
Unfortunately, you can't transfer content from one phone to another, so you will need to download everything again. Once items are successfully downloaded, they are saved on the device itself and not on the simcard. So, you will need to download them again if you change phones.
What is a credit?
Your credits can be used to download content. Different types of content are worth different amounts of credits. Ringtones and wallpapers are 1 credit per download. Games are 3 credits per download.
How do I cancel my subscription?
There are a few options to cancel your subscription. Please note, once you cancel your subscription you will lose any remaining credits for downloads. Any content you downloaded will remain on your phone.

From the subscribed phone: Visit m.motime.com, and click on the profile icon. Under "account status," follow the instructions to unsubscribe. Please note, you must be connected to your carrier's signal in order for our service to recognize your phone.

If you signed up via Amazon Payments, you can cancel by going to Amazon.com. https://payments.amazon.com Log in with your Amazon credentials, then, go to Your Account> Edit my Account Settings>Manage Authorizations. Then, click on "Details" and "Cancel authorization."

If you signed up with your AT&T mobile phone, go to www.att.com/mobilepayments & follow the instructions to manage your account.

If you signed up via PayPal, Log in at Paypal.com. Then, select "Profile" and "My Preapproved Payments" and click to cancel your Motime subscription.

If you signed up and paid with your credit card, please E-mail us via our online form. Be sure to include: The last 4 digits of the card, the expiration date, and the date of the charge. Our team will assist you with the cancellation.

You can also cancel by contacting our Customer Care team - Please E-mail us via our online form
I cancelled my subscription, but I was still charged. Why?
Likely, it means that you cancelled at the beginning of the billing cycle. For example, if you subscribed on May 15th and cancelled on June 17th, you would have already been billed for the month.
How can I contact Customer Support?
Please E-mail us. You can also contact our care team at 1-800-982-1358